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Siddhesh Sabnis - Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Siddhesh Sabnis

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Siddhesh is a quintessential marketing guy! A Production Engineer and an MBA (Marketing) by qualification, Siddhesh has a predominant entrepreneurial bend. Having ventured into his own restaurant business very early and exiting it has given him very important insights into business. Working with manufacturing SMEs in large organizations like L&T, HLC etc and handling the marketing function, Siddhesh has gathered rich experience in Industrial Products, Consumer Products and Electrical & Electronic Components. Founding and starting ACE Metal-On has been a deft stroke, attuned to his philosophy of an “early start”. Besides being a young & dynamic entrepreneur, which also forces him to be a workaholic at times, Siddhesh is an outgoing personality, an avid singer, a badminton player, trekker and a person of with an high EQ & family attachments.

Paresh Raghuwanshi – Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Paresh Raghuwanshi

Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Paresh is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and an MBA (Marketing) by qualification. He brings to the table, an experience of about 7 years in the Electrical & Electronic industry. Paresh’s work experience in marketing has complimented that of Siddhesh very well. He has that “X” factor, which, though as a shy guy is not so apparent, he uses to bring in business and deliver results steadfastly. Paresh is also essentially a family person and while he is not so active in performing arts or sports, he a computer gaming buff.


Team ACE comprises of technical, quality, sales, marketing and administrative personnel who are ably headed by Siddhesh and Paresh, the founders. An eclectic mix of experienced, dynamic and smart go-getters, ACE’s professionalism stands out in its adherence to product quality and delivery. Keeping abreast of latest developments in the field and always being in touch with customers and market dynamics is a way of life at ACE.

ACE is also ably supported by its long term associations with key players in the manufacturing field. Getting the right mentoring and guidance from a few select advisors, ACE is not shy of asking for help when needed.


Pune, India based Entrepreneur, Consulting Strategist & Mentor Mr. Chandrashekhar Aklujkar has been an advisor to ACE since its inception. He advises ACE on marketing, branding, business strategies, systems, communication and on about all things that require advice & mentoring on. Senior Industrialist Mr. Pradeep Khadilkar has been a Technical Advisor to ACE on product related matters.

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