ACE Metal-On is a global supplier of Electrical & Electronic Components. With an established reliability footprint, ACE is a preferred partner & a quality supplier across industry verticals. ACE's product range includes Dynamic Braking Resistors, Load Banks, Wire Wound Resistors and Film Resistors.

ACE Metal-On

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RACE PowerCon

RACE Powercon is the manufacturing arm of ACE Metal-On. RACE manufactures Electrical & Electronic Components that serve the power needs of industry verticals. RACE is up & coming with clearly established goals and is ably empowered with technical & manufacturing capabilities.


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ACE's Business

Industrial, Electrical & Electronic Components

ACE Metal-On primarily deals in Industrial, Electrical & Electronic Components. Supplying to a wide spectrum of customers pan India, ACE has targeted exponential growth in the near future. Widening the customer base, fine-tuning its sales & service, augmenting the range of products are but a few aspects of the targeted growth. ACE exports DBR to the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe.

The present range of products that ACE has under its aegis are: 

ACE's All & More


ACE is a fast growing organization which comes into the field with a rare zest for doing business in a professional manner. Driving an ethos that is fully customer-centric, Team ACE is hands-on and smart in approach. ACE team members are proficient in product knowledge, market knowledge and are ever-willing to learn more. They also possess the pragmatism that is very essential to meet business needs and capitalize on opportunities. Besides the formative doctrines on attitude, commitment, excellence and skills that ACE has adapted as business values, a few stand-out aspects that make a case for choosing ACE as your partner in growth are:


ACE's Quality Commitment

ACE is forever committed to delivering extremely reliable and fit products that it understands to be the key to state-of-the-art applications and critical processes. ACE also identifies the need that defines the success and growth of customer business and therefore has in place stringent Testing & Quality Assurance measures.

ACE also has the technical guts to improvise and develop product variations that are called for if the existing specifications are insufficient to deliver the desired quality for end applications. Interventions and innovations to constantly evolve & establish new benchmarks is the philosophy that is inculcated in all of ACE’s approaches to business. Besides, ACE is all about transparency and pro-active exchanges with customers in all its dealings, especially those that are centered around technicalities and quality of products.

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